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          The certificate issuing ceremony of management and operation professional title in 2018 has been successfully concluded
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          On December 24, 2018, the one-month management/operation title evaluation and appointment of the company was successfully completed, and the 2018 management/operation title certificate issuing ceremony was held in the meeting room of the production management department.


          The title evaluation and appointment was organized by the company for management and operation staff. Since its initiation, it has been carried out in accordance with individual applications and departmental recommendations, and in a fair and open manner in strict accordance with the standards. After the professional written examination and professional defense, a total of 3 people successfully passed the 2018 management/operation professional title evaluation, and obtained the professional title certificate and appointment letter.



          At the ceremony, General Manager Xie Xianjiao personally attended the meeting to issue title certificates and appointment letters to the employees.