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          Convening the Work Deployment Meeting of the Labor Union Committee in 2019
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           On December 28, 2018, KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD convened the Summary of the Work of the Labor Union Committee in 2018 and the Work Deployment Meeting in 2019. The meeting determined the new members and responsibilities of the company’s Labor Union.



          The Labor Union Committee of the company consists of the chairman of the Labor Union, the trade union officer, the organizing member, the production member, the propaganda member, the financial member, the female worker member and the welfare member.



          Yang Biao, the manager of Quality Management Department, served as the new trade union chairman. In the deployment of the work in 2019, he emphasized that: We will strive to complete the tasks assigned by the company’s Party Committee and the superior labor union, care about the lives of employees, work hard to solve their problems, timely reflect the opinions and requirements of employees, and make a good foundation for building a humanized team in the company.