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          Review of the Great Events of KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD in2018
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          Spring is coming and everything is beginning to recover, with the 2018 passing by. Looking back on the past, colleagues worked together to solve the difficulties, full of joy because of their achievements. Time flying imperceptibly, KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD has quietly ushered in the hope of 2019.

          Innovative KLT 

          In 2018, KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD, adhering to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Dedication and Innovation", held the technical title evaluation and appointment for the employees in "engineering technology, management/operation" with the humanized and professional management system. After the professional written examination and professional defense, a total of 8 people successfully passed the engineering technology title evaluation; a total of 3 people successfully passed the management/operation professional title evaluation, and obtained the professional title certificate and appointment letter.



          Beautiful KLT

          In November, "Finding the Most Beautiful You" , a prize-winning online voting, ended perfectly with the active participation of all employees. Everyone showed the spirit of ownership and team strength in the voting process. Indeed, the KLT staff is a united and inclusive group. 


          Open KLT 

          In 2018, KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD was invited to attend many exhibitions at home and abroad, including Russia, the United States, Germany, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The company has been invited to participate in every exhibition of the US OTC Oil Show since 2007 and formally entered the main exhibition hall in 2017 (48th session). This year, Chairman Zou Zheng personally led the team to attend the OTC exhibition, highlighting the "Chinese element" as a "world-class expert on wear-resistance". 



          Selfless KLT 

          This year, the company was honored to be recommended by Gaoping Town of Guanghan City as a demonstration site for Party Building of the "Two New" organizations in the whole city. On June 28th, with the message of Yang Shuangjian, Head of Shuimo Village in Gaoping Town, members of the Party Branch Committee of the company and comrades of the Village Committee went to the elderly Chen Xingzhu's home to offer help.


          In September 2018, 141 graduates of materials science and engineering from Chengdu University of Technology visited the company in two groups on the 4th and 11th. Zou Zheng, Chairman of the company, came to the site personally. He shared with teachers and students the history of the carbide industry and the company, described the development prospects, put forward earnest expectations for graduates to join the carbide industry, and hoped that the graduates from Chengdu University of Technology could come to the company for internship and employment.


          Excellent KLT 

          On November 20, the Sichuan Provincial Conference on the Healthy Development of Private Economy issued the "Double Hundred" List, which commended 100 outstanding private entrepreneurs and 100 outstanding private enterprises in Sichuan Province. Zou Zheng, chairman of KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD, is on the list and has won the title of Excellent Private Entrepreneur in Sichuan Province.